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Posted on: 2015-07-14 10:55:45
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Keep your kitchen clean

Kitchen is that part of the house where everyone cooks their food, eat their food and clean their cooking range which makes it pretty much obvious that the hygiene level of the kitchen should be very good. You can cook or eat in a place where you can see water floating in sink or coming out of the pipes. It is very important that you should get a feeling and look of cleanliness while you are in the kitchen. However, it is also an untold truth that kitchen is that place of the house where maximum plumbing problems are likely to occur. The reason behind high occurrence of these problems is obvious most frequently use of kitchen. The more you use it, more problems you are likely to face which makes it clear that there is no hiding faces from these problems.
Blocked drain: A block drained in a kitchen is the biggest sign on having unclean and unhygienic kitchen in your house. A blocked drain means that they dirty water is not going down and you will not be able to do your dishes as no one wants to clean anything in the presence of the dirty water. To avoid this problem, you need to make sure that you are not letting grease or solid stuff pass through the drain as it can be the major reason behind its blockage.
Leakage: Another very common issue that is part of every kitchen is the leakage. The leakage can be in the tap or the pipe. However, no matter if its tap or pipe of your kitchen that is leaking, it is going to make your kitchen as dirty as it can. To avoid this problem, you need to make sure that the fitting of your tap and pipes is fine.
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