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Blocked Drains Cleaning, Kennington & Vauxhall & Southwark, se11

Blocked Drain Cleaning Services At Your Finger Tips

Tired Of Spending Fruitless Hours Plunging A Stopped Sink Or Clogged Toilet?
The professionals at Pro Town A Plumbers are here to provide expert, reliable and speedy service. Skilled Trained and eager to help staff are available twenty four hours to pinpoint, diagnose and correct all household emergencies including. Whether you are dealing with overflowing toilets, clogged drains or pesky leaks and drips, no job is too big or small for our company to handle. We are committed to providing local residents with service they trust. We stand by our service and know that after a visit from one of our guys, you would be willing to attest to our superior expertise.

Why You Should Choose Pro A Plumbers

We pride ourselves on being able to rectify common maintenance and operating issues in Kennington, Vauxhall, Southwark, postcode SE11. Old and outdated plumbing systems are rife with issues and without proper repair, you are looking at incurring costly measures to restore your home to full, working order.

The Services We Provide

If you are finding that your boiler system is not providing adequate heat to your home, allow our skilled technicians to troubleshoot the source of the problem. After we find out what is wrong, we will then provide a reasonable estimate for repair regardless of whether or not you have an old, oil based system or the more modern, central heating boiler. We are also available to:

Help you make energy efficient upgrades to your home that will save you time and money.

Clear your pipes, vents, traps and drains of rust, dirt, lime scale, grease and other clogging agents.

Detect underground pipes and ducts and target wear and tear.

Mend or completely replace broken or cracked pipes.

Patch leaking pipes.

Install bathtubs, showers, and toilets.

Repair and replace boilers.

Dishwasher restoration .

Fit and install pipes.

Your pipes may not need a complete overhaul, but just a few patches here and there and they will be as good as new. Have you been wanting to upgrade or modernise your bathroom? Do you have an elderly relative or friend who needs handicap access to your home bathroom? Our technicians are on standby to help you tend to your most pressing needs. Is your boiler wasting your money? Our technicians will run a few diagnostics and determine whether or not your boiler is working for or against you. Sometimes, all your existing unit needs is a part servicing or replacement. Our experts will be on hand to size, install and restructure your existing system.

We stand by years of experience and service. All repair work is guaranteed to stand the test of time. With a group of experienced repair persons on call twenty four hours, we can usually get a technician to you within an hour. Alternatively, you can book an appointment that suits your busy schedule. Twenty four hour emergency service means we are dedicated to tending to all of your emergency plumbing, heating and drainage needs.