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Boiler Installations, Kennington & Vauxhall & Southwark, se11

Pro A Plumbers: Reliability And Service You Can Depend Upon

Have You Ever Experienced The Inconvenience Of An After Hours Emergency?

Weekend and after hours plumbing emergencies require the professionalism and attention of qualified plumbing experts. Sure, you can attack clogged drains or overflowing toilets armed with a plunger but often times, your overwhelmed system will require much more than the tools you have on hand. A lot of homeowners have the misconception that they are able to resort to more intensive fixes such as using a snake - or a plumbers auger - to attack blockages further down in the in the drain pipe.

Can I Not Remove Blockages And Make Repairs On My Own?

Although novice home owners can remove minor blockages within about an hour, the use of a snake or other elaborate tool can cause more harm than good increasing damage and costing you sometimes quadruple the cost if you had just called on a qualified repair person in the first place.

Older Homes Require Specialized Care

Due to the advanced age of the infrastructure in the homes of Kennington, Vauxhall, Southwark, postcode SE11, residents are more prone to the affects of deterioration, requiring much energy and time to resolve. Pro A Plumbers are on hand to assess and devise a plan of action to help rehabilitate and restore your pipes, drains, traps and appliances back to optimum working order.

How do Pro A Plumbers fix your plumbing, boiler and sewage problems?

Advancements in technology such as video footage transmitted via closed circuit television allows experienced drainage specialists to explore all the nooks and crannies of your drainage systems. Their sophisticated technology helps them to root out blockages your cannot see, thus making it easier to treat problems at the source.

Powerful jetting machines adequately flush, clean and unblock blockages in your bath, sink, toilet and gutters providing the clearance and reliability you need.

Trained professionals are best able to apply industrial grade solvents and blockage clearing agents to break down lime scale, dirt, grease and debris deposits.

Often times, clogs and blockages accumulate around stoppers and strainers. Your service person will be sure to clean or even replace all strainers and stoppers as they are the first line of defense against sink clogs. By clearing traps and vents of build-up, Pro A Plumbers are allowing water and waste to flow freely through your pipes and out of your home.

Twenty Four Hour Service When You Need It

No matter the hour, Pro A Plumbers are on call to address emergency plumbing situations within an hour or less. If your emergency will not constitute extensive damage such as electrocution hazards, flooding or fire, and you would like to book an appointment that better suits your busy schedule, give our kind, caring, qualified staff a call. Rest assured that our twenty four hour emergency services cover all emergency conditions involving heating, drainage, and plumbing. Additionally, our experts are available to help you in the following areas:

Malfunctioning dishwasher
Blown washing machine hoses
Boiler Installation
Boiler Repair
And many, many more!

If you aren’t sure if we are able to assist you, give us a call, anyway. Our staff has decades of experience to help you assess the best plan of action for your home repair needs.