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Posted on: 2016-03-19 12:34:35
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How to unblock a toilet Southwark

Water supply:
There are different types of water supplies available for homes. It is essential for the home owner or the people living in the home to know what type of system it is so that you can deal with it correctly in case of emergency. For example, if you are experiencing the problem of a blocked toilet Southwark, it is very important to know all about your water supply system, especially the valves and stopcocks so that you can turn them off at a time of emergency.
Moreover, in case of changing the system, it is a basic idea to check out which water system you have in your home.

Direct system:
This system is typically part of comparatively older constructions. In the direct water supply system, the main water is supplied directly to all the taps and in the home and WCs as well.
The main advantage of this sort of set up is that it is much cheaper to install in the home as compared to indirect set up. This is because it requires less pipe work and you will need only a 110L storage cistern in your roof space; you will also have a better level of pressure in the system.

Indirect system:
In the modern designs, the indirect system is the most common type of water supply. The main water is supplied directly to the kitchen sink. All other set ups of water supply are done through a storage cistern. The main water enters into the home, branches off to supply the kitchen sink and rises to the storage cistern.

The greatest advantage of this system is it keeps supplying water even if the main stops functioning, which is very helpful when dealing with a blocked toilet Southwark.
It is also helpful in supplying cold water in case water pressure is low.
The indirect system is also less noisy.

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