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Posted on: 2016-03-17 12:33:56
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24/7 emergency plumbing Southwark

Global temperaturestend to increase day by day and warm weather is becoming more common everywhere in the world. This is the reason that air conditioning is becoming more popular and every organization and public building has an air conditioning system. But it is unusual to see it installed in the homes as a standard.
The homes that are built with insulating bricks are designed to keep warmth out in the hot season and heat in in the cold weather. But this technique cannot fulfill the cooling requirements that are actually needed. In older constructions portable air-conditioning units are the way to get rid of the excessive heat and to prevent the need for emergency plumbing Southwark.
There are mainly three types of air conditioning setups that are in use:

All air:
While using a central plant, this system transfers heated or cooled air out and in of the building through ducts. This is an expensive set up to install and it occupies a larger space. One worrying thing about the all-air system is that it is less energy efficient.

All water:
In this system chilled water is pumped around the coil unit and a fan is placed to blow over the chilled water to produce cooled air. Warm water is pumped back to the chiller unit and condensed again. Such a system generally comes with a portable unit. An all-water system is an expensive set up.

This system has the same technique that is used by the refrigerators we use at our homes. Refrigerant pumps back again, and to begin the cycle again it is compressed into liquid. These units are considered as the best cooling systems because they consume the least energy and lead to less emergency plumbing Southwark. These are available as whole room systems as well as a portable item.

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