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Posted on: 2016-06-26 21:52:45
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How to unblock a manhole

When you get the blocked manhole Southwark, it may not be clear about who is in charge of the blocked manhole and who has to work on it. The first step is to know if a blockage is found at the public sewer or at the private drain. A pipe found at the house is known as the drain and if a drain of a property does join with the drain from a new property, it will then be called the sewer. A sewer may be private or public. Normally, it is not that easy to know and it is important to do some enquiries. The public sewer is when the sewer had been done by the local water authority. When the sewer had been adopted by the water authority, the cleaning and the maintenance together with dealing of the blockage, it will be their responsibility. A local or sewerage authority should undertake to be in charge of sewer that they have developed. The private drains are called private because they use pipe and they are on the private property. When they get blocked, then the person in charge of it is the owner. When you are not able to work on it, then you have to clear it using a private contractor. When the property and that of the neighbors do share one pipe, it is called private sewer and if it gets blocked, each household involved should share the cost. When there is a dispute about who is responsible, then it is good to conduct local environment health officer. When the drain has been blocked, you should call the local authority and they will come and help you to find where the problem has taken place. When you are dealing with the blocked manhole Southwark, you have to lift up the inspection chamber to see if there is any backed up sewage.

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